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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Important Information if you're designing your own blog or website

Wow! Did I learn something today and I want to share it. If you're designing your own website with a do-it-yourself template or setting up your own blog, be sure to look at it or better yet design it in MOZILLA FIREFOX. It may look absolutely fine on EXPLORER, but that doesn't mean it will look good on Firefox.

I found out the hard way and spent hours redoing certain things. This header had no problems in Explorer, but when I opened it in Firefox a big chunk of the right side was cut off. Back to the drawing board...and back...and back! I wasn't going to give up and finally made it fit correctly. It seems that if it looks good on Firefox, you're home free.

Many of us are setting up our own sites now with easy to use software, so take the little bit of extra time and check your sites on both browsers.

It is getting exciting. We now have several wonderful contributors ready to share their knowledge in the Writers' Tricks of the Trade WRITE ON newsletter launching April 15 and many will also write posts for the blog. New posts can be delivered to a choice of the sites you may use by simply clicking SUBSCRIBE in the right column and choosing the one(s) you want from the dropdown box. I'm having mine delivered to My Yahoo for easy access.

That's all for tonight.


  1. This is something all blog writers must experience at one time! You think your designing the most gorgeous blog or website, but in the end, it looks awful in other browsers! This is definitely a lesson learned.

    Joana Leighmoore

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