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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today I learned more about "hashtags"

Learning to navigate the internet and social networks is a never-ending task. I'd heard about hash-marks but never really checked into them. Today I found an article called 10 Twitter Hashtags for Writers on Publishing Talk.

What an informative article and why haven't I been using them!! I learned that hashtags are nothing more than words or phrases used in tweets wth the # symbol in front of them. No spaces, just squash them together. EXAMPLE: #amediting. If you are at the editing stage, it lets people know and you can ask for advice. The hashtag becomes a link and you can click it to see whose tweets contain that hashtag. This can greatly extend your Twitter reach. The article lists 10 useful hashtags for writers.

Check out this twitter link:!/publishingtalk. I'm following them now and look forward to discovering lots of great info.


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