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Friday, November 18, 2011


Excerpt from LA

Morgan St. James' photo, LA Writing Examiner

Writers’ Tricks of the Trade: Believe in yourself

Why this is so important
Today’s column is not a how-to tip unique to writing, but is very important to every author and writer.

It is about believing in yourself.

Believing in yourself probably comes under the heading of Success 101, because it is so important in every facet of life. If you don’t have unwavering belief in yourself, how can you expect others to? Writing the book, story, columns, screenplay, poetry or other creative form of putting words together and making them work in a way readers like is only one part of it. What really counts heavily is everything that comes next, and belief is high on the list.

Just as good writers’ groups can be found in Los Angeles, through a simple internet search or asking a writer friend, you can usually find a local group in your city or town. Writers’ groups are a wonderful reinforcement for an author’s belief system. In addition to offering encouragement, they help you realize you are not alone.

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