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Friday, December 2, 2011

Would you like to write for

I've been writing columns for for over two years now. I started with the Las Vegas edition and later added Los Angeles. The exposure has been great and my following has grown steadily.

 "Examiner" is their term for reporters all over the country in--big cities and small--who report local happenings in a very broad range of topics. Styles vary greatly from the news oriented to the personal angles. Then there are those like me who concentrate on evergreen columns. What is an evergreen column? It is one that does not go out of date.

After trying to do a local calendar of writers' events in Las Vegas, I realized that people were not coming to me with their announcements as I'd anticipated. I spent hours upon hours looking for events and at last decided that my time would be better spent creating content that would almost always be of interest or helpful to my readers---content that didn't have an expiration date.

Occasionally I update my Spotlight columns if something significant has happened in the life or career of one of the people I've interviewed or there are new features for events or organizations I've profiled, but for the most part these columns introduce my readers to someone or something they will find interesting. As for the personal angle, I always try to show something about the authors and people in the industry that isn't necessarily common when reviewer Jackie Houchin discussed her love of horses.

The Writers' Tricks of the Trade column which was the inspiration for this blog, the newsletter and my recently released Writers' Tricks of the Trade book, is my way of sharing what I've learned through the years with my readers. The newsletter is a sharing of ideas, tips and techniques from guest contributors from all over the country with some add-ins by yours truly, and the book is an easy-to-read handy reference to keep on the bookshelf, computer or electronic reader for quick information or inspiration.

If you have a topic or hobby you are passionate about, think about writing news or a column for examiner. You can find the application as well as a list of cities and available topics at I would appreciate it if you  list me as the one who referred you.

Happy writing.

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