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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spotlight: Emerging author, former CSI Steve Scarborough - Part I

, Las Vegas Writing Examiner January 10, 2012 

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 During a lunch at a local Mimi’s, Steve said, “One of the things I really pride myself about is creating a work that is multi-layered. Scrafitto touches on photography, art, ex-pats in a foreign country, women’s rights, the environment, macho attitudes in a Latin country and even anger management. And of course, police procedure and crime scene investigation. I wanted the reader to learn about these issues.

I am currently reading his book, Scrafitto, and must agree when he says his work is multi-layered. As I read, it is also evident that he understands his way around a camera.

Steve, you worked for the FBI and as a CSI. How did that come about?
Well, I grew up in Long Beach, California and my first job was renting beach umbrellas on Seal Beach. My protagonist in Scrafitto is an ex-Seal Beach cop. While I was going to Cal State Los Angeles where, by the way, the LASD crime lab now exists, I worked for the FBI. I became fascinated with the science of fingerprints and so when a job opened up with the Las Vegas Police Department (LVMPD), I jumped at the chance.  I spent 30 years working with latent prints and have lectured around the world on the infallibility of fingerprints as a forensic tool. READ FULL STORY...

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