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Friday, January 27, 2012

Writers’ Tricks of the Trade: Set your writing goals for 2012

Just as most people make lofty resolutions about things like losing weight in the New Year, writers often take a deep breath and make resolutions about how they will improve their skills,  their marketing and production in the New Year.

Well, we are nearing the end of January, so the question is what have you resolved to do?

It has been proven over and over again that goals, particularly if they are written, actually internalize and help a person move in the right direction, much the same as setting out on a trip with a road map. Take a good hard look at what kind of goals would work for you, and commit them to a list. It’s a good way to wrap up this first month of 2012.

Some things to keep in mind when setting goals

Goals should be realistic

It is one thing to scratch out a list of very ambitious and possibly unattainable milestones you resolve to reach. Although it is definitely good to challenge yourself to work up to your potential, the goals should be ones that stand a chance of really being something you can achieve—not pie in the sky. CLICK TO CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE

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  1. Morgan,
    I like your tips on setting writing goals for 2012. I set a goal for this year and made a promise to myself at the same time; that "Mixed Messages," the first novel in my Malone Mystery Series, would be published this year. Obviously, I had no control over whether or not a publisher would go along with that but I'd decided that, if I couldn't find a publisher, I would publish it myself. Here's my great news: a publisher did want it and, in April, I'm thrilled to write, Post Mortem Press will publish my book!