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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Book signing etiquette gone wrong

This photo is NOT from the incident related below. As you can see, I was happy in this photo. - Las Vegas edition
Writers tricks of the trade | March 8, 2012

Writers' tricks of the trade: Etiquette at book signing events

Authors in communities all over the U.S. find this can sometimes be a sticky point. Every author is enthusiastic about their own books and unfortunately sometimes they don't realize they have allowed etiquette to fly out the window. Particularly at presentations at a conference or for a writer’s group, one of the biggest etiquette violations could be the scene that follows. The audience is filled with writers, many with books of their own. If you are an author who has had (or created) this type of problem, voice your opinion in the comments section.
This column was inspired by something that observed at a Las Vegas book signing.
The setting
The featured author or authors are sitting at the signing table. Copies of the books are being sold and the author takes the time to chat with people who are interested in their books. All of a sudden, someone carrying two or three books of their own approaches the table.

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  1. Morgan,
    This post was of particular interest to me because two weeks from tomorrow I will be hosting the book launch event in Cincinnati for "Mixed Messages," the first novel in my Malone mystery series. I'm excited and determined to be on my best behavior - no matter what!