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Monday, March 19, 2012

On the radio with Vito Collucci, P.I.

Vito and Morgan kept the laughter going

I had a great time as the guest author on the radio show Crime Time with Vito Collucci, P.I. on Sunday night, March 18. 

After his Stupid Criminals introductory feature the laughter continued. The two incidents he talked about were the kind where you say, “That just can’t be real.” They were so funny, they set the tone for the show.

I'll give you a hint about one of them: Just imagine a robber pulling out a plastic garbage bag to put over his head as a disguise. Now, if you can't imagine what would make this stupid, listen to the broadcast. You'll laugh through that and much more.Click the Crime Time link above to listen to the show. It will open with a commercial, a bit of news and then Crime Time. It takes a short time for the recording to buffer and load, so be patient. It’s worth it. You can find Vito's Show on and there is also a listing of archived podcasts on that page.

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