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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life With McDuff - a column worth revisiting

Many fine authors live in the greater Las Vegas/Henderson area.

Local author Judy McFadden, a volunteer at St. Rose Hospital for over eight years, is now a published writer. Her book, Life With McDuff—Lessons Learned From a Therapy Dog, introduces you to her noble, hilarious Scottish Terrier therapy dog. McDuff miraculously touched her life and that of many others— even after death
Because of his astounding work with individuals with severe physical and mental disabilities in Opportunity Village’s “Project Pride, she was asked to appear with McDuff on KVBC-TV Channel 3 News. Also, the Henderson Anthem View newspaper profiled them in an article on the front page.McFadden says, “During our nine year journey together, McDuff taught me valuable life lessons.” READ FULL ARTICLE

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  1. Morgan, thanks for revisiting your piece about Life with McDuff: Lessons Learned from a Therapy Dog. My heartfelt thanks for your support and expertise when I read chapters to the Henderson Writers Group to critique in 2007. It's hard to believe my book is known nationally and internationally. I encourage your fans to sign up on Kickstarter to back Confessions of a Cougar. Will be listening to you on Aspects of Writing ( on April 9th. Also, will recommend Writers' Tricks of the Trade at my next workshop.