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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chance to win one of three great Oak Tree Press books from Kings River Life Magazine

Kings River Life Magazine offers you a chance to win one of 
three great books Oak Tree Press!

This week three Oak Tree Press mystery authors share about their books and how they came to be! 

Also, at the end of this post are details on how you can win copies of all three books! Purchase the books from the included links as you get ready to do your Christmas shopping and you help support Kings River Life Magazine!

One of the most important things in a writer's bag of tricks is the ability to promote their book. You can have the greatest novel every written, and if no one knows about it no one will buy it. So what can authors do to get their work out to the public?

One thing is to be a guest on a variety of blogs and magazines. Talk about yourself and talk about features of your book or books. Do you have a special interest? This can attract readers with like interests. Many blog hosts and online magazine publishers are ready and willing to feature you.

This week, Kings River Magazine poses the question: How did you come up with your plot?

Oak Tree Press authors S. Connell Vondrak  (No Evidence of a Crime & The Evidence is Clear), Morgan St. James (Who's Got the Money?) and Stephen Brayton (Alpha) step up to the plate with the interesting facts about getting the idea and developing the plots.  Some of their answers might be surprising.

Best of all, you not only learn about how these authors' minds work to design novels that keep you on the edge of your seat, but this is a chance to win your own copy of these books with a simple email reply to Kings River Life Magazine, so check it out and submit your entry today. Winners announced on December 1.

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