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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May-June issue of WRITERS TRICKS OF THE TRADE just published!

Mega thanks to all of the writers and people in the industry who have contributed to the May-June issue of Writers' Tricks of the Trade. 

What a dynamite issue packed with news, articles about the craft of writing from Fred Rayworth, Sunny Frazier and Janet Greger, a compelling short story by Sydnee Elliot, as well as an excerpt from upcoming true crime book, La Bella Mafia, in the Life Stories feature, a review by our resident reviewer, Martha Cheves and more. 

What a small world. The book Martha reviewed this month, "Kidnapped by the Cartel," is fiction based upon fact. The blurb on the cover is from Charles Messina, co-author of Tony "Nap" Napoli's book "My Father, My Don." Imagine my surprise when I received Martha's review.. Tony Nap is the mentor and dear friend of Bella Capo whose story is told in "La Bella Mafia," is mentioned significantly in the book and will be part of the cover art.  What were the odds of Martha reviewing that book this month? Hmm. Fate?

Writer's Conference links, helpful internet links, and of course the Just for Giggles and Grins page.

To all of you writers out there who enjoy reading this publication, we are open to submissions. The guidelines may be found in the front of the eZine.

Click here to download your copy, or click on the flip book in the sidebar on the right. Share it with friends, but most of all enjoy reading it.

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