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Friday, July 25, 2014


For those who thought the announcement of using drones for deliveries was simply a publicity stunt by Amazon, according to the Publishers Lunch July 11 issue, the company is sincere about it.
Somehow it is a bit bizarre to picture fleets of Amazon drones flying around delivering books, boxes and heaven knows what else, but Amazon appears to be dead serious. Maybe there will be job openings for drone traffic cops or something of that nature. Who knows. Obviously there will have to be rules and regulations governing flight patterns, perhaps times of day and more. After all, who wants to look up at the friendly skies and see drones circling around like dragonflies? And, if it does come about, what will this mean to the publishing business as we know it?. “
After the FAA made it clear in late June that they are still prohibiting commercial uses of drones, Amazon formally applied for an exemption from that regulation. News of that application has sent their stock up over 4 percent in Friday morning trading (almost $15 a share).”
 In their letter, Amazon indicated they are experimenting with Prime Air inside..

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