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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The September-October issue of Writers' Tricks of the Trade eZine has just published. As usual, it is filled with helpful articles, industry news, conference listings, the Life Story feature and book reviews. If you wish to share it with friends, the link is

This month the publishing industry lost one of its shining stars -- publisher, author, marketer Carolyn Hayes Uber. 

We have taken the liberty of reprinting her last article  posted in 2013 on her blog. "One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato...?" as a tribute to Carolyn and her humor.

She fought a very valiant fight against leukemia for over 4 years, but in the end even her determination was not enough to beat it. She underwent two stem cell transplants which did extend her life and give her the opportunity to enjoy her family. They were staunchly by her side throughout her illness. 

In the July-August issue of Writers' Tricks of the Trade she shared what it is really like to go through stem cell transplants in the Life Story feature. She went into City of Hope still upbeat and positive, with freshly a manicure and pedicure so she could look pretty.

We say to our friend, RIP dear lady.

This month's Life Story is called "Fooling the Feds," an excerpt from the upcoming "Izzy and Me," Gina Marion's memoir of growing up with a father with many faces. In this escapade, she is a decoy to throw the FBI off the track.

Just click the issue cover where indicated to open it.

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