Have you had a bad review experience? If so, what did you learn? Please join the conversation.

Many authors experience bad reviews. Even the "A-Listers." After all not everyone views something the same way. Then there are those who give a bad review because they can. I do feel that the 1star for this book was a little over the top, though. Still, I always learn from people's comments and try to determine why they said what they said. Did I goof? After all, I'm human. So I do learn from reviews, good and bad.

In this case I particularly flashed on the diatribe about using big words. It's clear there was no consideration given to the statement "...unless he pursued lots of self-education after he left school..." There are many kinds of self-education ranging from reading to research to listening to tapes. They all tend to broaden a person's vocabulary, regardless of their lack of a high school diploma.

For the record, I had 7 uncles born from the late 1890s through the early 1900s. None of them finished school beyond the 6th grade, except for one who dropped out of school in the 10th grade. They ALL became successful businessmen with excellent vocabularies through self-education.