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Thursday, June 4, 2015

I'M A GUEST ON MADELINE GORNELL'S BLOG TODAY. "What happens when your publisher goes out of business?"

First of all, I want to say thanks for asking me to talk about this, Madeline. Most authors are so excited  when their book(s) get picked up by a publisher, they never ask themselves the question: "What happens when your publisher goes out of business?" I was no different.

When L&L Dreamspell picked up 5 of my books, I became one of their 200 authors. It seemed like it would go on forever and they were anxious to consider anything else I'd written.
Then tragedy struck. One of the partners died of cancer, and the other was so devastated she closed the business and gave all of the authors back their rights. Overnight, I  had 5 books out of publication and had to make a decision.

Check out my post on Madeline's blog for the way I solved it, and while you are there please leave a comment and share. This is something all authors should include in their knowledge base. Thanks. My personal website is .

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