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Friday, October 7, 2011


October 15 is the date the new format newsletter will be published. Each month it has gotten better and better. We have some great articles, lots of reader brags and wait until you see it. It's more like a little magazine than a newsletter. We publish on the 15th of the month because so many other monthly newsletters publish on the 1st. Remember to send in  article suggestions, brags, announcements and news by the 5th of the month for that issue.
PREVIEW: Here is the features page:

     Welcome to
Writers’ Tricks of the Trade

Here are a few Features:

·        Expand or the size by clicking anywhere in the document

·        Adjust it with the zoom indicator that appears

·        Click the NOTES icon to post sticky notes to yourself

·        Move it from side to side or up and down easily with the mouse.

From The Options Dropdown Menu:

·        Download offline copy

·        Choose your preferred view—single page or double page

From the Contents Dropdown Menu:

·        View thumbnails for each page

·        View your notes or highlights

·         Explore the other icons


  1. Morgan,
    I've written a note to myself to stop by on the 15th to read the first issue of the new version of your newsletter.

  2. I've just finished reading your October newsletter. It is fantastic! So many excellent tips (and tricks of the trade) in one issue!
    I need to go back and figure out how to subscribe because I don't want to miss any future issues.