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Monday, October 17, 2011

My Facebook Page was Hacked!

Well, I guess no one is safe. Today, much to my dismay, I discovered that I was supposedly stranded in Barcelona and needed quick cash. At least that's what a hacker was trying to communicate to my entire email list. Not only that, but they totally wiped out my Silver Sisters Mysteries Facebook account.

Not that I wouldn't want to go back to Barcelona. I was there for four days a few years ago and loved it, but didn't have to contact every person I'd ever shared an email communication with to bail me out.

Getting serious, I've spent the ENTIRE DAY trying to straighten things out. They say that when you use all capital letters, it's like shouting. Yep. That's me. I'm shouting mad. This is an old scam, and who falls for these things anyway? Particularly when you are supposed to be contacting someone you barely know to send you money. But the hackers continue to do it anyway. A friend from Sisters in Crime told me they had her stranded in Scotland and she hasn't straightened it out yet. At this time of year, I think the weather in Barcelona is probably a lot better. No offense to Scotland, but I don't do well in cold.

After wrestling with this, putting everything else aside and finally deciding there was only one thing I could do as a last resort, I now have a new Facebook account. I lost every friend contact on the old one, so if you were my friend, or would like to be, try to find Morgan St James without a period after the St. That's me. Sometimes it comes up in the search and sometimes not, but that's probably because it's brand new.

If you are a hacker, please don't do it again. Once is enough. I can't send requests to my old friends yet, because Facebook has barred me from doing that for a few days. You see, the hacker got in and destroyed everything, but I can't use Facebook to contact my friends or family just in case I'm a spammer. Where's the justice?

Meanwhile, the new newsletter is getting great comments and I'm delighted. That helped to even out the frustration of today's events. New contributors are contacting me, and future issues will be great.

Have a good night. I was supposed to go to Henderson Writers' Group tonight, and looked forward to hearing work to be critiqued, but instead I'm chilling out. Trust me. I know when I need quiet time!


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