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Monday, December 12, 2011

Writers’ Tricks of the Trade: Are you establishing your brand?

Two years ago I didn’t really have a brand. Yes I wrote a mystery series and was getting known for the Silver Sisters Mysteries, but then I decided to write two romantic suspense novels. Following advice of others instead of what I felt in my heart, I wrote two books under the pseudonym Arliss Adams because those who advised me felt readers who loved my humor would be shocked by the sex and touch of violence in these two books.

The result? I not only lost my platform, but felt like a dual personality. Most people who liked my writing didn’t know I was Arliss, so in addition to all the normal tasks I normally juggle, I found myself keeping up two additional websites as well as yet one more blog, just to have something to grab onto. Amazon wouldn’t even put those two books on my author page because the name was different.

What is an author brand? 

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