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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pardon my cliche!

Cliches are everywhere. On TV, in movies, on the web, in our daily conversation, in the name it and you will find it. However, writers are constantly cautioned not to use them. Diehards say don't use them EVER. Is it necessary to take such a hard line? A path never to be deviated from? What is it about these tired, overused phrases that are all around us?

, LA Writing Examiner

Cliche: A phrase or expression that is so overused it becomes annoying.
How ironic that many clichés start out as very clever expressions—a funny way to convey a distinct message. In the beginning they sound so clever and engaging, people repeat them...and repeat them...and repeat them ad infinitum until they become corny or annoying.
As they evolve, cliches are perceived as a lazy way to convey something people already know. Perhaps effective, but devoid of imagination.
See if you recognize these:

1 comment:

  1. I try not to use cliché's although on my numerous re-writes I generally find some lurking.
    Call me pedantic but split infinitives annoy me more. If I'm told one more that I have to always, it might just drive me up the wall.