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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Many authors will agree that they have experienced this disappointment. It's like giving a party only to have nobody come. 

One of Hall's recently released Kindle books
With promotional materials hyping the signing or appearance, the author's anticipation runs high. Then the time arrives and unfortunately it's the only thing that does! All or most of the seats are empty.

That raises the question, "What now?" I had it happen once at a library presentation. The librarian and I made small talk waiting for someone to show up. I kept remembering that old adage: "If there is even one person--The show must go on." Where was my one person?

I met author Parnell Hall a few years ago at the Left Coast Crime conference in Los Angeles. He is a clever, funny fellow. Likewise, his books are delightful. Hall is no stranger to this  "empty house" phenomenon. But he does something I can't--he sings.  When I saw he would be at this year's conference in Sacramento, I thought it was time to share his lament again. It has had close to 58,000 views. You'll find it on the full version of this article, and trust me, it is hilarious.

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