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Thursday, February 2, 2012


 Writers' Tricks of the Trade: Finding your niche
Las Vegas Writing Examiner

There is nothing sweeter to a writer than when “the great idea” hits.
The problem is, sometimes the great idea is a hard one to convert to a complete novel because it’s too limited or difficult to rein in. Maybe there is too much to include for a single novel.
Have you ever heard someone describe their work in progress as being a romantic, sci-fi mystery with historical roots, humor, steamy sex and—oh yes, they’ve thought about introducing some vampires, need to figure out how to still use the sex but qualify it for the young adult market as well as appealing to the adult market and last, but not least, they’re toying with the idea of bringing in a psychic and a few rock stars. Wow. All of that in one novel? This might sound exaggerated, but I’ve heard descriptions strangely like that.
And, of course, this author knows it will be a best seller because it is bound to hit readers in just about every genre, isn’t it? READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE

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