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Friday, February 3, 2012

Don't Be Afraid to Reinvent Yourself When Necessary

As a writer or author, perfecting the ability to reinvent yourself is priceless. I’m an old veteran of the technique, having done that so many times I’ve lost track.
Morgan as herself and as Arliss Adams
People who know me personally know that I’ve had several professions and several “looks” through the years. We’ll talk a little about why this is so valuable to writers, but in this era of economic upheaval and uncertainty, it applies to many other walks of life besides writing. Flexibility takes on new importance.
As for me, at an age when many people feel they have to slow down, I seem to be speeding up. When you write fiction, it’s extremely beneficial to be able to wear many hats and even add to your attributes and experiment with different personality styles.
Hey, Spiderman has the Spider Sense, why shouldn’t WriterPerson have the Chameleon Sense? READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE

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