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Friday, February 24, 2012


Lois Winston writes the Anastasia Pollack mystery series and she invited me to blog about how characters professions can affect or drive a plot. Check it out.

A perfect example is the new book I've written with co-author Meredith Holland called WHO'S GOT THE MONEY?. It will be published by Oak Tree Press this year and without an offbeat profession, there would be no plot. Here's a clue: Did you know that over $800 Million of products are manufactured in Federal Prisons every year? Don't feel bad is you didn't know that...most people don't but it makes for a clever caper.

Watch for it later this year, but in the meantime, pop over to KILLER CRAFTS AND CRAFTY KILLERS and see what I had to say. Leave a comment. I'll be visiting Lois' blog throughtout the day. If you want more my my blogging, swing over to Maryann Miller's blog, check out what I wrote there and leave a comment there too.

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