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Thursday, February 12, 2015


The February 11 broadcast of WRITERS TRICKS OF THE TRADE on Blog Talk Radio was a validation of the saying "The show must go on."  LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVED BROADCAST at

In this world of cyber-glitches, you never know what will happen to trip you up bigtime. Yesterday, our producer Eric James Miller and I decided that Cox Cable has it out for Blog Talk Radio. Well, maybe not, but it seemed that way.

Earlier in the day I tried to get on the site and couldn't. So, I alerted Eric who also tried and couldn't get on. Guess what? We both have Cox Cable. When co-host Denny Griffin, who logs on from Florida, tried to sign on he was through in the time it took to snap his fingers. We figured the problem would definitely clear up by showtime.

Not so. We both tried to get on multiple times while the clock continued to tick toward showtime. No luck. Thanks a bunch, Cox. Meanwhile, our guest for the show, Tony Todardo who is the co-founder of one of the largest writers groups west of the Rockies and founder of West Coast Conferences, calling in from L.A.,  was patiently standing by. The topic, "Why Writers Groups and Conferences Are Important," was a great one, and we looked forward to lots of lively banter between Tony and producer Eric, who is also president of Writers of Southern Nevada.

Denny rose to the occasion, and signed on as host so Tony's call could go live, and the two of them began the show, albeit 4 or 5 minutes late. Eventually Cox relented and first Eric was able to sign on, while I was still stuck somewhere in Cyberland. When I called on my landline, you couldn't hear anything but static. Figures. Since it is digital, Cox provides the service. When I called back on my cell phone, I came through loud and clear.

Despite all of this, it was a great show packed with wonderful information. You might even get a kick out of the efforts to get past the problems while trying to stay cool because everything was being broadcast live. But then, that's what professionals do. They carry on.

Mega thanks to Denny, Tony and Eric. 

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