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Monday, May 16, 2016


This Masters Workshop will help every writer learn how to raise your skills several levels by putting your characters to work - let them create the plots for novels that publishers want!
When you know how to work with characterization, you can put your characters to work developing complete plots, creating plot twists, and who knows what else will happen—they just might take you places you didn’t intend to go with your story. Learn to use characterization to create real, believable players in the plot. Stuck for an idea? Use your characters as plot starters by calling upon their strengths and/or weaknesses.
We will discuss the twelve basic Archetypes—their characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and what drives them, plus the importance of actions and dialogue to define them. Sometimes even locations also act as characters. After exploring what “makes them tick,” we will go into an interactive “what if” scenario for each one. 
Now for the fun part. Every participant will draw a slip with an archetype on it. Use your archetype to create the premise for a story that will be presented for group discussion. 
Wait -- this workshop will cover much more!
We will also cover the pitfalls that can turn into pratfalls and how to get around them including dealing with unscrupulous agents, paying too much attention to the wrong type of critique and not jumping the gun by submitting prematurely. 
The last part will be about selling yourself by showing your personality, speaking and reading skills, networking at events, and conferences.
Don't miss this very special opportunity to improve your skills and master your manuscript!
As a bonus registered attendees will receive a FREE copy of her book, "Writers Tricks of the Trade" in the workshop. 
This interactive Master Class is limited in size, so you receive a maximum amount of individual attention in a workshop environment. 

Toni Lopopolo at West Coast Writers ConferencesMorgan St. James is the author of fourteen published books encompassing fiction and non-fiction with two more publishing soon. Following publication of Writers Tricks of the Trade, she also launched a bi-monthly eZine of the same name. Morgan is a popular workshop presenter and now offers this hands-on exploration of working with characterization
Here is what some of Morgan’s students say:
“I will definitely try to go. Morgan's a GREAT speaker. One previous meet-up she participated in was extremely beneficial, taught me a lot about editing and probably played a part in me getting my first book published through a boutique press.”  – Rob Silverman
“After her presentation Morgan told me to go home and get writing. I did. One short story in our latest anthology, a few blog posts, and now well into the first book of a planned nonfiction series, I am writing a lot more Morgan! Sometimes it just takes a good kick in the......well, you know..” – Hyrum Huskey 
“As president of Anthem Authors,, I watched the concentration on the faces of our club members as Morgan wove a fabric from the threads of the personalities of the characters we create, explaining and defining them.. Her message was clear, to the point, and memorable. We enjoyed every minute of her fascinating presentation.” –R A. Meadows 

query letterThis workshop will be held at 
Los Angeles Valley College

5800 Fulton Ave,
Van Nuys CA 9140
between Burbank and Oxnard Ave.
Building and classroom TBA
[ map »

Register Now and Save.
Class size is limited. 

Friday June 17, 2014
3:00 pm - 7:00 ± pm

Class FEE $149 / Early Bird* only $99
* Early Bird registration closes on
June 10, 11:59pm PST, 2014 
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