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Saturday, January 14, 2017


The new year is here and we have pretty much a clean slate once again. There will be many changes in the coming year with the new administration and we must remain positive and hope for the best for America.

On the writing front a lot is going on. The magazine will now be published on a quarterly basis beginning with the January release of the Winter 2017 issue. We look forward to many helpful and informative articles, industry news, and new books, stories and accomplishments. 

Remember two things: You should never stop learning, even if you are an "old horse," and the magazine is filled with articles and information by writers for writers. So don't hesitate. If you have something you feel will be beneficial to fellow writers, by all means submit an article or information.

Do you have a brag? We would like to start a brag page for our readers. The original magazine had one, but then people stopped submitting their info and the page was deleted. It is okay to "blow your own horn." You earned it.

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